Chapters of the Past
Reports and Articles
The history of Eastern Ontario is long, far from simple and some of it is difficult to study. Members of the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society and others have carried out research in the region in the past and continue to do so today. In order to bring this work to a larger public, we will be making some of these studies and reports available through this page. So make a point of visiting often to see what has been added.

 Ramah Quartzite Bifaces from the Mouth of the Gatineau River
by Jean-Luc Pilon

The Wilson Site ( BjFu-2) and Area
by Jean-François Beaulieu

The Ottawa Area's Newest Archaeological Discovery
by Gordon D. Watson and Jean-Luc Pilon

The Forgotten Wharves of Prescott - Russell
by Jean-François Beaulieu

Possible Hi-Lo Site in Eastern Ontario
by Gordon D. Watson

Just When You Think You've Dug Down Deep Enough
by Jean-Luc Pilon and Luke Dalla Bona


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