Cumulative Index
The Ottawa Archaeologist
compiled by
Gordon D. Watson
(OAS Emerson Medalist)

The cumulative index of the Ottawa Chapter's newsletter, The Ottawa Archaeologist, spans the entire period of its publication (or at least it will soon; it runs to 1988 at present). It began in 1971 and at that time was called Archaic Notes. In 1976 the name changed to The Ottawa Archaeologist.

There are two ways of accessing the information contained in the cumulative index. You may chose to search the listings according to the alphabetical arrangement of the authors. The very lengthy index has been broken up into manageable blocs. On the other hand, you may be interested in articles dealing with specific topics. Within the subject listings, key words (noted in brackets) help you find more specific articles.

At present, entire sets of Archaic Notes and The Ottawa Archaeologist can be consulted at the following locations:


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