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The Peggi Armstrong
Public Archaeology Award 

The Award
The choice of a prehistoric ceramic vessel fragment for the award structure represents the participation of the Ottawa Chapter in training and field school excavations at South Lake, Ontario during the early-mid 1980's. During five field seasons, Chapter members learned the methods and techniques of archaeology on both land-based and underwater archaeological sites. Armed with experience and knowledge, the members began to share their expertise and the impetus for the public programme was formed.

Peggi Armstrong had a particular interest in prehistoric ceramic artifacts and much of her spare time was devoted to studying and interpreting ceramic technology for the public.

The reproduction ceramic fragment is from Vessel 13, BcGb-6-underwater, at South Lake. It is representative of the Pickering cultural phase, circa 1200 A.D. The base is maple and the clear backdrop is reminiscent of the corner of an excavation unit with the ceramic artifact inside.


The award was created and produced by David Anderka
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