The Peggi Armstrong
Public Archaeology Award 

2021 Recipient
Roderick (Rory) MacKay

Roderick (Rory) MacKay, is a retired secondary school teacher but always an educator. He was a seasonal interpretive naturalist in Algonquin Park during the early 1970s. His fascination with Algonquin Park history was sparked by the opportunity to interview “old-timers” beginning in 1975/76. In April 1995, while writing a history of the Bonnechere River, he joined the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society and became involved as a resource and volunteer in their archaeological investigations at sites along that river.

Roderick holds an archaeological licence at the Applied Research level, having previously held an Avocational licence. He readily shares the results of his Ottawa chapter volunteer activities and his personal archaeological site work with the public, through displays, demonstrations, site tours, and the development of educational materials at events in Algonquin Provincial Park, Bonnechere Provincial Park, and whenever an opportunity arises. He also engages in efforts to advance ethical archaeological research, particularly in Ontario provincial parks.

Roderick has written comments on cultural heritage management strategies, articles in newsletters originating in the two parks and the Ottawa Chapter, and a few magazine articles. His formal publications, so far, include booklets for The Friends of Algonquin Park and the Friends of Bonnechere Parks, articles in Archeologiques, Arch Notes, and the peer-reviewed Ontario Archaeology, two self-published books related to logging history, and The Friends of Algonquin Park books Spirits of the Little Bonnechere, Second Edition, and Algonquin Park – A Place like No Other.



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