The Peggi Armstrong
Public Archaeology Award

2000 Recipient:
Gordon D. Watson

Gordon D.Watson has been actively involved in Eastern Ontario archaeology since the late 1960s. Gordon has been an advocate for Archaeological Resource Management in the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton. He actively promotes archaeology by providing Ottawa Chapter members and students and others with the opportunity to volunteer at his digs. Gordon has reached a wide audience through numerous scholarly articles published in "Ontario Archaeology" and "The Ottawa Archaeologist" as well as contributing to the Ottawa Chapter and the Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) websites. He has presented papers at OAS and AAQ Annual Symposia and directed several workshops on lithic tools and ceramics.

Gordon always enjoys sharing his love of archaeology with others. His displays of artifacts at the Archaeology Days hosted by the Ottawa Chapter at Charleston Lake and Bonnechere Provincial Parks provide the public with an opportunity to explore and learn about the archaeological history of Eastern Ontario. The Perth Museum (Perth, Ontario) benefited from Gordon's interest in the archaeology of the Rideau Lakes area of Eastern Ontario. Gordon designed and installed the exhibit 'Rideau Lakes Archaeology' at the Museum. Thank you Gordon for devoting much of your time over the past 30 years to promoting public archaeology in Ontario.





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