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The Peggi Armstrong
Public Archaeology Award

Definition of "Public Archaeology"
  • Stimulates public interest in the study of archaeology through the use of displays, demonstrations, workshops, training in excavation techniques, site tours, or the development of educational programmes and materials;
  • Promotes awareness of cultural resources and heritage preservation;
  • Fosters individual or collective efforts to advance the ethical practice of archaeology.
  • Nominations must be presented by an OAS member;
  • Self-nominations cannot be considered
  • Individuals, groups or institutions can be nominated;
  • Nominees shall have contributed significantly to promoting archaeology of and in Ontario, by means of Public Archaeology as defined above.


Award Criteria
  • Scope of the audience which the nominee has reached; Innovation in the design and delivery of activities and nature of volunteer involvement.
  • Development of enduring Public Archaeology resource materials.
  • Scope of events, partnerships or sponsorships brought together to promote Public Archaeology.

Award Process

Selection Committee:

  • The Ottawa Chapter Executive will appoint a Selection Committee Chair (who shall be an Ottawa Chapter member) at the first executive meeting of each New Year.
  • The Selection Committee Chair will organize a Selection Committee consisting of a minimum of three (3) people and a maximum of five (5) people, including at least two (2) Ottawa Chapter members and one (1) member from the OAS Board of Directors, plus such other members as the chair sees fit to add.

Call for nominations:

  • The Selection Committee will issue a call for Peggi Armstrong Public Archaeology Award nominations in the MAY/JUNE issue of ArchNotes in each year.
  • Nominations are to be be forwarded in writing to the Selection Committee Chair, care of the Ottawa Chapter of the OAS, by July 1st of the same year.

    For the 2023 Award, the deadline to receive nominations has been extended to October 1st 2023.

Selection of Award Winner(s)

  • The Selection Committee will assess submitted nominations against Award Criteria and advise the Selection Committee Chair, the Ottawa Chapter Executive and the OAS Board of Directors about its selection(s), if any, for the Award by September 1st of that same year. The OAS Board of Directors will have the right of final approval.
  • Awards will be conferred on an occasional basis at the discretion of the Selection Committee and the OAS Board of Directors.
  • More than one award may be presented in one year.

Nominations should be forwarded to:
Selection Committee - Peggi Armstrong Public Archaeology Award
c/o Ottawa Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society
P.O. Box 4939, Station E
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5J1

The deadline for submissions is  July 1 of each year.

For the 2023 Award, the deadline to receive nominations has been extended to October 1st 2023.

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