Proceedings of the 2005 Ontario Archaeological Society Symposium

The proceedings are available as a complete document that includes chapters by the presenters who submitted their work for publication, as well as abstracts for all of the other presentations. It is a large file (4 mb) and will take some time to download if you have dial-up internet. 

Partners to the Past (4 mb pdf) 

Each complete chapter is also available individually.  The pagination and formatting for each are the same as in the complete volume. 

Table of contents (80 kb pdf) 

Part One: Heritage and Your Community

Christine Carroppo – The Ontario Archaeological Society: Past, Present, and Future (100 kb pdf) 

Len Hopkins - Canadian Heritage River Systems – the Ottawa River Heritage Designation Project (60 kb pdf)

Bill Nesbitt -- Archaeology and the Community Museum (100 kb pdf)

Joseph Muller- Municipal Cultural Resource Management: A Re-Sharpened Heritage Planning Toolkit (100 kb pdf) 

Betty Biesenthal -The Land of the Spirits Virtual Museum of Canada Exhibit: After the Excavations Are Over (200 kb pdf)

Part Two: Ottawa Valley History and Archaeology

Dena Doroszenko -- The Archaeology of Poplar Villa, Pointe Fortune, Ontario (400 kb, pdf) 

Part Three: Algonquin Park Archaeology Revisited

Bill Allen -- Nineteenth Century Aboriginal Farmers of the Madawaska River (1.5 mb, pdf)

Roderick MacKay -- Potatoes in the Pines:  Depot Farms in Algonquin Park; with particular investigations at the Egan Farm, BkGl-1, Clancy Township (500 kb, pdf)

Ellen Blaubergs -- “These artifacts…will not be further analyzed:” Canadian and European Ceramics in Algonquin Park (700 kb, pdf)

Joanne Lea -- The Potential for Public Archaeology in Algonquin Park (100 kb, pdf) 

Part Four: Partners to the Past: Partnerships in Archaeology

Jennifer Birch -- Public Archaeology and the Cultural Resource Management Industry in Ontario (60 kb, pdf)

Sheryl Smith--Connecting with Ontario’s Past: The National Historic Sites Alliance for Ontario as an Outreach and Advocacy Organization (60 kb, pdf) 

Brandy George -- A First Nations Archaeologist: Struggling for Middle Ground (40 kb, pdf)

Supplement to the proceedings, an extra chapter that had got lost in our e-mail

Tom Ballantine - A Brief Survey of Archaeology in Haliburton County and Vicinity: Observations and Comment
  (680 kb, pdf)

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