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Proceedings of the 1991 Symposium

A Message from the 1991 Symposium Committee:

The choice of the theme for the 18th Annual Symposium sprang from an increasing awareness that many individual archaeologists were quietly exploring the use of new technologies in the field of archaeology and that the knowledge gained and lessons learned were largely unshared.

The conference attempted to bring these individuals together and provide a forum where the cross-pollination of ideas could begin and to inspire other archaeologists to explore the infinite possibilities becoming available to us as we approach a new century. These proceedings are the published record of that forum.

The papers presented were provided and edited by their authors. Regrettably, three papers were unavailable for publication. The "Access to Technology" Panel Discussion has been transcribed and edited from an audio tape.

An appropriate blend of looking to the future and remembering the past, the Tools for Tomorrow Symposium was held in Ottawa, October 25-27, 1991 - hosted by the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its founding.


Summary of Proceedings


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