Virtual lecture 2022

FPIC and Choose: 
Some Thoughts on Free, Prior and Informed Consent, Licensee Privilege and Indigenous Archaeology in Ontario
With Guest Speaker:  Scott Martin, Sustainable Archaeology, McMaster University

This virtual zoom talk held on Thursday April 21, 2022 is now available on Youtube :
FPIC and Choose a lecture by Scott Martin - YouTube

This talk seeks to blend Scott’s interests in Indigenous archaeology with his experiences in academic and consultant archaeologies and in collections management.  Some recent work by archaeologists in Ontario and discussions with other colleagues provide some context for his current understanding of archaeology’s in-built inequities.  Changes for the better and for greater inclusivity have begun, but there continue to be challenges to hearing Indigenous voices in the writing and curation of Ontario’s archaeological history

Scott has been involved in Ontario archaeology, since 1993, first starting as a high school co-op student and later working in teaching, research and consultant archaeology roles.  He is interested in the spread of maize through the Lower Great Lakes region and the materiality and taxonomy of forager:farmer transitions.  Some of his archaeological materials interests have been in lithics, archaeobotanicals and, recently, in ceramics.  He also recognises and aims to draw attention to the fact that Indigenous people continue to be underrepresented in Ontario in the authorship of their own histories through archaeological research, reporting and publication.

Since July 2016, he has been the Operations Manager at Sustainable Archaeology McMaster, an archaeological collections repository and research laboratory in the Department of Anthropology McMaster University, located in the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).  His work there is focused on archaeological collections curation and on facilitating archaeological collections-based research by students of the past.

He periodically also leads the McMaster University Archaeological Field School.  Since 2006, this course has taken place at Nursery (AhGx-8), a multicomponent site in Cootes Paradise in Hamilton.  He is grateful for the continued support given this project by Royal Botanical Gardens’ staff.  He seeks to partner with the Indigenous communities whose ancestors lived and worked there. 




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