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General Heritage / Patrimoine en général

Patrimoine canadien - Canadian Heritage   (B)

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents 1610 to 1791:  
This site contains the beginnings of the complete English translation of The Jesuit Relations and Allied
Documents. (E)

Early Canadiana Online: Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a full text online collection of more than 3,000 books and pamphlets documenting Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century. The collection is particularly strong in literature, women's history, native studies, travel and exploration, and the history of French Canada.(B)

Centre de référence lithique du Québec: Nous vous invitons à découvrir les pierres que les Amérindiens utilisaient durant la préhistoire pour la taille des outils et des armes. Des objets qui avaient une place importante lors des chasses, des guerres ou lors des activités quotidiennes. (U-F)

Recherches autochtones au Québec: Recherches amérindiennes au Québec est une société d’édition entièrement consacrée à la diffusion de connaissances sur les populations autochtones du Québec et des Amériques. Elle publie une revue et des monographies. Elle organise des colloques et produit des documents audiovisuels.(U-F)

Local Heritage Links
Liens patrimoniaux de notre région

Archaeology in Canada's Capital

L'archéologie dans la capitale du Canada

City of Ottawa - Museums
Ville d'Ottawa - Musées

The Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa

Le Conseil des Organismes du Patrimoine d'Ottawa

Friends of Murphy's Point Park: The Friends work to enhance the natural heritage education program at Murphys Point Provincial Park. Partners with the Ottawa Chapter of OAS in the Hogg Bay Archaeology Project. (E)

Friends of Bonnechere Park: Each year in conjunction with the Ottawa Chapter of OAS, the Friends host various public archaeological workshops, digs and conferences in and around Bonnechere Park. (E)

Les Amis du Parc de la Gatineau -Friends of Gatineau Park
Les Amis offrent leur appui aux activités d’interprétation, à la production de publications éducatives et à des levées de fonds pour l’avancement de l’interprétation du patrimoine du Parc.

The Friends help foster a better understanding of  the park's heritage by providing volunteer support for the park’s interpretation program, publishing and selling of publications and by fund-raising.

Cumberland Township Historical Society: The present Cumberland Township Historical Society (CTHS) was founded in 1986. The CTHS is a non-profit, volunteer and community-based organization. The members are a dedicated group of people who want to preserve Cumberland Township History. Besides history they share a common interest in genealogy and archaeology.(E)

Pinhey's Point:The Pinhey Estate, HORACEVILLE, is an 88-acre heritage site scenically situated on the Ottawa River in rural Kanata, northwest of Ottawa. In 1990 the City of Kanata acquired Pinhey's Point and is today developing its heritage and waterfront potential. (U-E)

History of the Rideau Canal: The Rideau Canal, now over 160 years old, is the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America. It was conceived after the War of 1812 (you remember; the war where Canada beat back the invading Americans). It was designed to provide a secure supply route from Montréal to Kingston, avoiding the vulnerable St. Lawrence River route.(U-E)

The Geology of the Rideau Region: Thirteen thousand years ago, a blink of the eye in geologic time, the Rideau region was sitting under a glacier, over a kilometre in thickness. There were no lakes, no trees, no wildlife, and no people.(U-E)

Archaeology in Kingston and Eastern Ontario, Canada: 
People have inhabited the area that is now Kingston for thousands of years. The region was home to native groups as early as 7000 B.C.E., to French traders and soldiers during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, to British and British-American settlers in the eighteenth century, and finally to some of the major figures of early Canada in the nineteenth century. Each of these cultures left its mark on the land; their various legacies contribute significantly to the Kingston of today, and in no field are those legacies more conspicuous than in that of archaeology. (U-E)

Fort Henry: Perched on a rise of land at the entrance to the St. Lawrence, Fort Henry offers impressive views of the city and Lake Ontario. Originally constructed of rough-hewn stone, the first fort was hastily reinforced in 1812 in response to increasing threats of hostility from our now friendly neighbours to the south, the Americans. (U-E)

Upper Ottawa Valley Heritage Centre: 

Magazines/Les revues
American Journal of Archaeology (U-E)

Canadian Geographic Magazine (U-E)

Resources and Services



The Historical Society of Ottawa Resources

The Society for Historical Archaeology

L'Association des archéologues du Québec (U-F)

Ontario Archaeological Society – Encouraging the Ethical Practice of Archaeology (ontarioarchaeology.org)  
The Ontario Archaeological Society is a registered charitable organization that promotes 
the ethical practice of archaeology in the Province of Ontario.(U-E)

The London Chapter: Ontario Archaeological Society:  
The London Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society represents the regional interests and concerns of the archaeological community in Southwestern Ontario, by providing field activities, social events, and advocacy opportunities.(U-E)

The Canadian Archaeological Association
l'Association canadienne d'archéologie.(B)

Archaeological Institute of America (U-E)


The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada's largest museum and features galleries in Art, Archaeology and Science. It is also an architectural gem.(B)

Musée canadien de l'histoire Canadian museum of history (B)

Pointe-à-Callière, Musée d'archéologie et d'histoire de Montréal  

Le Musée de la Civilisation, ville de Québec.(B)

Underwater Heritage/Le patrimoine sous-marin

L'épave d'un vaisseau de la Flotte de Phips (1690) (B)

La Salle's Ship, Belle (1686) (U-E)



Parcs Canada - Parks Canada (B)

Canadian Conservation Institute - Institut canadien de conservation (B)

Patrimoine en Ontario (B)

Assembly of First Nations (B)

Kitigan Zibi (Algonquin of Maniwaki, Québec)

Innu Nation (B)

Wyandot Nation:The Wyandot Nation of Kansas is dedicated to the preservation of Wyandot history and culture and the preservation, protection, restoration and maintenance of the Huron Indian Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas.(U-E)

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