Couverture de la revue Outaouais no 6
Edited by Jean-Luc Pilon,  
Canadian Museum of Civilization 

The Ottawa  Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society is pleased to announce the publication by the Outaouais Historical Society of "La préhistoire de l'Outaouais / Ottawa Valley Prehistory".  This publication's seven chapters trace the natural and cultural changes that have taken place in the Ottawa Valley over the past 10,000 years.  All articles are in both English and French, and are beautifully illustrated.  The volume incorporates some of the most recent information on the region's past that is currently available in language specifically aimed at a broad audience.  To make reading easier, the publication is accompanied by a glossary of technical terms.  If you've ever been interested in the archaeology of the Ottawa Valley, Eastern Ontario or Western Québec, this is the publication for you! 

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