The Peggi Armstrong
Public Archaeology Award 

2015 Recipient
Dirk Verhulst

Dirk Verhulst is a charter member of the OAS Peterborough Chapter, serving as Secretary and newsletter editor.

Now retired from a career in secondary education, Dirk continues as an educator. His articles for “The Peterborough Examiner” include a series on the excavations at Serpent Mounds.
He has recently developed a teaching tool to foster public awareness of regional archaeology and its practitioners. The successful grant applications he has authored have enabled the funding of a variety of interpretative materials and outreach activities.

In planning for the 2014 OAS Symposium, Dirk worked hard to forge partnerships with many local museums, educational institutions, and cultural groups. The resulting Archaeology Week was a great success. Dirk was instrumental in the development and implementation of Peterborough’s archaeological policy and serves on the city’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory committee.

Dirk's many volunteer activities, dedication to the ideals of education, commitment to teamwork, and extensive community connections have made a significant contribution to the Society and to its public archaeology objectives.




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