Request: Photos and videos for 2021 Symposium

Dear Members


As you are aware, OAS Ottawa Chapter is hosting the 2021 Annual Symposium.  

2021, coincidentally, is also the 50th anniversary of our Chapter.


As part of the 50th celebration, we are searching for photos and videos of Ottawa Chapter events and activities in the field.  The intent is to create vignettes, backgrounds and displays, to be exhibited prior to and during the Symposium to be held from October 18 to 24.


We ask you to dig, literally, through your files, basements, closets and treasure chests for any videos or photos of people, places and items that you are willing to share with us.   Along with each item, please provide some identification and/or a bit of background.


We assume that in sharing these treasures with us, you are giving us permission to display them publicly, including online.


Please send your selected photos and videos to our email account:  


If you are unable to share the files electronically, please send us an email.  We will assist you to share your treasures.


Thank you.


Carol Pritchard


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